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  • Welcome to  Zinc Occasions

    Welcome to Zinc Occasions

  • Wedding & Event  Specialists

    Wedding & Event Specialists

  • Realising Dreams  Creating Memories

    Realising Dreams Creating Memories

  • Welcome to  Zinc Occasions
  • Wedding & Event  Specialists
  • Realising Dreams  Creating Memories


From the moment of the proposal, your thoughts will be flooded with a
cornucopia of images, designs and ideas of what your day will look like.


A few well chosen accessories can make all the difference.


Wedding Planning

Where do you start? Who do you contact? How much is it going to cost?. We at Zinc see this as your opportunity to begin a journey and give you a mind-blowing start to your dream Asian wedding.
How much or how little Zinc does is entirely up to you. We can either grab the bull by the horns, or upon your request, grab the whole bull!

Parties & Events

Our reputation has gained more and more traction after each event that we present.
Catering primarily for Asian weddings as a private event,, our core skills in event management as a whole, tactfully maintain consistent control over culturally demands.
Parties & Events


Sit back, enjoy a snack and a cup of coffee every so often.

Parties & Events

Party & Event Planning

This has given Zinc an abundance of valuable organizational acumen and experience
to expand beyond the scope of wedding events.


“The proof is in the pudding” is an ethos used at most Asian weddings.
The décor sets the atmosphere but what one eats is the memory that lasts.

Excellent Taste & Presentation

Our dishes will be presented in a fashion that is both pleasing to the eye, and leave you appreciative of the attention to detail given to each plate.


High Standards

Keeping our standards at their highest, we maintain full control of the dishes we create for Asian wedding catering.
This is achieved by preparing our dishes in-house. Using chefs of the highest caliber, our staff advocate a superior standard using a discipline adopted only by the best.

Zinc Occasions

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